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Mitigating Water Damage for Residents of New Providence

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment on a water damaged floor SERVPRO has the training and equipment to restore your water damaged home in New Providence.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Extensive Experience in Water Mitigation and Restoration

When properties become wet, they begin to suffer damage. Water intrusion can occur from multiple sources but are most commonly the result of a malfunction in the home's infrastructure. Water can permanently harm your property's structure and contents without professional intervention.

When consulting about water damage in New Providence, it is essential to recognize that restoration is a highly-skilled job. Technicians train, grow experience under supervision, and gain qualifications before being put in charge of restoring a homeowner's property. One of the core roles we perform for this community is mitigating loss following unexpected property damages. The fastest way to reduce loss, and protect your belongings or home from moisture, is through drying. Once moisture is out of the property, we can confidently say that no more damage is likely to occur, so the mitigation phase of our work is complete. Our job then becomes returning damaged belongings or structures to a preloss condition which is part of the restoration phase.

Many methods when mitigating damage relies on psychrometry: the drying science. Psychrometry allows a restorer to understand and calculate the interaction between temperature, moisture, material, and air. You may find that certain items, such as clothing, dry quickly. That occurs because textiles are generally porous, allowing air and temperature to circulate rapidly through the fibers. Other parts of your home, such as the subfloor, may absorb moisture slowly, which can take longer to dry depending on the density or porosity of those materials. Some materials may lose their shape, color, or strength following exposure to moisture. Our team can calculate and apply the correct solution to any size disaster using drying science.

Basic Principles of Psychrometry and Drying Method

  • Drying a wet property relies on speeding up natural evaporation by using air circulation, heat, and knowledge of material porosity.
  • The moisture on wet materials evaporates into surrounding air until it reaches cooler surfaces, where it recondenses into liquid.
  • When the surrounding air becomes saturated (high humidity), it is no longer capable of absorbing additional moisture. Humid environments slow the evaporation of wet materials.

Moisture can harm your property in two ways. The first is the impact of liquid which can absorb into materials causing them to warp, discolor, bleed, shrink or buckle. The second impact comes from evaporated liquids which can deposit moisture onto upper surfaces, windows, or inside walls. Drying a property correctly needs to focus on controlling humidity to increase evaporation of liquid while preventing vapor damage or high humidity. In a nutshell, drying the air is essential to dry the floor. To achieve both of these goals, our technicians must combine two pieces of equipment. Air movers circulate heated air to evaporate moisture, and dehumidifiers extract the evaporated water from the air. SERVPRO technicians calculate their approach first and then monitor the conditions using equipment readings to ensure they are balanced efficiently.

Methods for Drying Wet Materials

  • The solid wood used in floorboards or frameworks of a home can take longer to dry and often requires advanced equipment such as desiccant dehumidifiers to dry appropriately.
  • Drywall generally dries quickly, but if it imbibes too much liquid, it may weaken or break apart, requiring replacement.
  • Wall, floor, or ceiling cavities often require special attention to prevent water from pooling inside and stagnating. We can either remove wall portions to allow circulation or adapt equipment to direct air into the cavities.

Drying a wet property can be complex without professional knowledge. Contact SERVPRO of Western Union County for water damage restoration at (908) 791-9177.

Repairing and Restoring Fire Damage in New Providence

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

soot damage covering a ceiling and light fixture We can quickly get fire and odor damage under control in your New Providence home.

SERVPRO Fire and Smoke Damage Technicians Can Help Rescue your New Providence Home

Fires can spread quickly through a home, latching onto combustible materials like woods and fabrics. Leaving candles, stoves, or electronics unattended can all contribute to a property disaster that often requires professional help to restore. SERVPRO is a local organization that can help return your home to a preloss condition after an emergency.

The impact of fire damage in your New Providence home can vary depending on where it began, the type of belongings that ignited, and whether doors or windows were open. One of the most significant impacts is smoke which can travel quickly through a home and leave behind unpleasant odors or residues. Combustion increases the temperature in an indoor space which in turn causes air to rise rapidly and push cooler air toward the floor. This pressure often results in the heaviest smoke deposits directly above the flames, while lower portions of the room, such as carpets or floors, only sustain moderate damage. Placing old sheets or towels over belongings, surfaces, and floors immediately after extinguishing flames can help reduce damage by covering items from falling soot or ash.

At SERVPRO, our goal is to restore your home to a preloss condition. But there are many steps in that process because a disaster like this can affect your home in many ways. First, our technicians must clear the property of all non-salvageable materials. Common materials damaged beyond repair are flammable ones such as draperies, wallpaper, and textiles. Sometimes parts of a building assembly, such as gypsum board, maybe deemed non-salvageable due to intense penetration from smoke. Our approach is to divide these tasks among our team members to ensure that the work is completed as quickly as possible. A production technician works on disposing of debris and storing or packing away items to clean later. Simultaneously, our crew chiefs set to work pre-testing smoke damages and with your adjuster to provide a verbal estimate.

Early Stages of Restoration

  • The service team receives your notification of loss and arranges equipment, trucks, and personnel for arrival at your home within four hours.
  • Technicians pre-test smoke deposits and charred materials to produce a verbal estimate with your adjuster.
  • Technicians arrange dumpsters for debris removal and work to pack away salvageable items for restoration later.

A critical part of restoration is odor control. Odor particles are volatile particles that are released when materials combust. Synthetic materials remove the most pungent odors, but the burning of organic materials can also fill a property with a burning smell. Odor particles gradually dissipate by themselves, but we understand that the several weeks this dissipation takes can be unacceptable to homeowners and affect your quality of life at the property. We have specialized odor control technicians (OCT) that have an arsenal of equipment to counteract malodors. Despite this technology, it can often be the case that odors are dealt with through thorough cleaning and smoke removal. Our team can use various methods to control odor when that is not the case.

Equipment for Removing Smoke Odors from Home

  • Air Filtration Devices (AFDs) can be set up in your home to extract microscopic particles from the air and pass them through filters. AFDs can often indirectly reduce odor.
  • Hydroxyl generators use UV-C rays to neutralize odors or compounds from indoor air and are safe to use in properties with occupants or pets.
  • oZone generators release an unstable gas into the area that eliminates odor. However, O3 gas is harmful, meaning these machines require temporarily vacating the property.

If an accidental fire damages your home, contact SERVPRO of Western Union County for fire damage restoration at (908) 791-9177.

Effects of Mold Damage on Materials and Air Quality in New Providence Homes

7/1/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on the bottom portion of a pink wall Don’t despair when your home or office in New Providence sustains mold damage. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

SERVPRO Can Provide New Providence Residents with Expert Mold Remediation Technicians

Mold can eat away at clothing, drywall, and organic matter. It can also be challenging to remove due to the penetrative hyphae, which allows these microbes to cling onto or to surfaces. Some microbes do not need light to grow, which means an infestation can stay hidden for several weeks or months. You must enlist a professional remediator if you suspect or discover microbial growth in your property.

Local remediation technicians can help restore mold damage in your New Providence home. We use cutting-edge technology to find the sources of microbial growth and eliminate them. Once the source of the problem is resolved, it is often just a case of disposing of moldy materials and cleaning surfaces to get your home back to its preloss condition. Like all living things, microbes require moisture to grow. If parts of your home smell musty or have a visible infestation, there is likely a moisture problem. Our technicians use moisture sensors, meters, and thermal imaging cameras to search for potential water leaks or vapor damages in the home. This equipment measures wall or surface temperatures to calculate the likelihood of moisture residing in or behind them. We are halfway towards solving the microbial issue by correcting the moisture problem.

Another core condition for the reproduction of microbes is energy. Mold uses digestive enzymes to break down organic matter, which they convert into energy for growth. A home environment is full of organic matter; it is the wood frames deep in the building assembly, the subfloor, and the interior surfaces like drywall. Denser materials such as lumber wood can often be restored by either cleaning the surface with anti-microbial chemicals or removing layers using sand-blasting equipment. In rare situations, lumber woods may have an abnormal moisture content, measured using a penetrating meter, which can be the source of the infestation, commonly called dry rot. Porous materials such as plyboards, gypsum boards, or drywall often suffer more from microbes which makes replacing them a requirement. SERVPRO technicians can professionally remove and replace infested materials that are deemed non-salvageable.

Preventing Microbial Growth in the Home

  • Maintaining insulation in garages or exposed areas is a useful preventative measure for condensation damage.
  • Crawlspaces can become wet during periods of heavy rainfall. Installing a vapor barrier can be both energy efficient and protect against infestations.
  • If water pressure drops, it can result from a slow leak. Using professional plumbers or water restoration technicians to repair the problem.

Infestations can harm indoor air quality. When mold grows into full-size colonies, it begins to release spores into the surrounding atmosphere. Spores are microscopic seeds that settle on surfaces where they can grow into new colonies. While spores are airborne, they can be ingested or inhaled by occupants in the home. One method of tackling this air quality issue is air filtration devices (AFDs). This equipment is measured by the size of particles they can filter, with certain types going as low as 0.3 microns. A human hair, by comparison, registers at 70 microns. SERVPRO technicians can set up AFD devices in affected areas of the home to clean the air and ensure that your property fully recovers after an infestation.

Air Filtration Devices

  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the best at removing microscopic matter from indoor air, including spores.
  • These devices can also use carbon filters which help to remove odorous particles from indoor air spaces.
  • Active air purifiers can also purify indoor air by releasing ions that attract and neutralize potential contaminants into the space.

If your home emits a musty odor or has a microbial growth problem, contact SERVPRO of Western Union County for mold damage removal at (908) 791-9177.

We Discuss Choosing the Right Extractor For Flooding In Berkeley Heights

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

White sofa floating in flooded living room Give our SERVPRO of Western Union County team a call whenever you need us at (908) 402-0644.

Choosing the Right Extractor for Flooding in Berkeley Heights

One of the advantages of selecting professional restoration and remediation services after flooding in your Berkeley Heights home is an extensive inventory of industry-leading equipment. A point of pride for our growing professional restoration team is the equipment, tools, and technology made available to our skilled technicians. After a flood, the correct extractor can be the difference between efficient recovery and wasted time.

There are many factors in choosing the appropriate extraction equipment to address Berkeley Height's flood damage. Between pumps and extractors, the more efficiently that standing water can get removed from the structure, the less time our professionals must later spend removing the remaining moisture with our high-velocity air movers and dehumidification units. Because there are so many potential extraction tools available to our SERVPRO technicians, we follow the criteria to determine which device best suits the needs of your household.

Position of the Flooded Area

There are many instances where the decision of the extractor used correlates exclusively to the position of the damaged area. In two-story houses, for example, lead hoses from stationary extractors might be more challenging to manage when portable and lightweight machines are more flexible to the needs of the house.

Severity (Depth) of the Damage

Another consideration that our SERVPRO team must make when assessing the need for extraction equipment is how severe the damage is. The standing water depth can help determine which of the equipment in our inventory is necessary, from truck-mount extractors to light wands better suited for depths under two inches for surfaces like carpets.

Available Power

The demands of the extraction equipment cannot always get met by the damaged home that our professionals work to restore. Portable extractors are versatile tools, but they require stable electricity – which can be challenging after widespread community flooding. We have trailered and portable generators to provide temporary power or extraction tools that operate off fuel, such as our truck-mount pumps and self-priming trash pumps.

No matter what your home needs after a flood loss, you can trust our extensive inventory of recovery tools to meet the demand. Give our SERVPRO of Western Union County team a call whenever you need us at (908) 791-9177.

What To Expect Following Flood Damage to New Providence Homes

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

Heavy rain hitting roof SERVPRO has the cleaning products and chemicals to protect your property after flooding.

Direct Action Is Needed to Manage Flood Damage

Flood damage effects can be traumatic and make living conditions uncomfortable until restoration can get underway. For this reason, many look to our SERVPRO team for its fast response and experience with timely mitigation. Knowing what could be necessary to mitigate and protect damaged structures and contents can help put customers at ease with the work. 

Structural Repairs

Flood damage to New Providence homes and businesses can create a destructive path in which water infiltrates the property, and the structural elements become exposed. A thorough inspection can help to determine where controlled demolition might be required. Additionally, SERVPRO professionals can provide patches like tarping and board-up to prevent further flood penetration while cleanup and drying get started. 

Controlled Demolition After Exposure

Restoring a home after flooding is not always necessary or requires elaborating on controlled demolition. When contamination is a concern, any exposed materials will need to be removed and discarded to prepare the space for reconstruction. Controlled demolition is also necessary to provide required access to structural cavities for drying and disinfection.

Direct Extraction Solutions

Water removal is one of our professionals' most vital mitigative efforts with flood-damaged properties. Standing water is a typical result of intruding surges of groundwater, so suitable extraction must overcome pooling and any debris circulating. Trash pumps, wet vacuums, and other deep extraction equipment in our inventory can help with these water removal needs. 

Surface Cleaning Tactics

Whether it is the threat of contamination or lingering residues and soil deposits on the surface of exposed materials, we have several cleaning products and chemicals to protect your property after flooding. Some of the common agents used for disinfection and cleaning include:

  • Chlorines
  • Quaternary Compounds
  • Botanicals
  • Sanitizers

Direct and aggressive action to protect the structure and its contents are our team's priorities. Our SERVPRO of Western Union County team responds fast to these emergencies to get mitigation started. Call now at (908) 791-9177.  

Become Familiar with New Providence Fire Damage Disaster Recovery

6/30/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke coming out of windows Fire loss incidents can affect your home in many ways, but SERVPRO of Western Union County team can help.

Before We Begin Cleaning Smoke Damage in New Providence Homes

As much as homeowners want to have their properties back to preloss conditions as quickly as possible, rushing to restore New Providence residences after a fire can do more harm than good. With every scenario offering unique challenges for even our professional SERVPRO fire restoration specialists, we must carefully determine the full scope of the damage, the spread of these conditions, and the most efficient and effective approaches to fully restoring the property. 

Smoke damage and effects can be among the worst lingering examples of fire damage in New Providence homes after an emergency. Because of its ability to affect the property in more than one way, our Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) must stay trained in the latest and most effective practices for addressing residues, debris, and odors that smoke can leave behind. Before we can begin cleaning damaged areas, however, there are preliminary steps to help ultimately make these restorative actions more successful. 

One of the first steps we must take is identifying the full extent of these damaging residues. Between smoke and soot, coatings could spread out far from the initial source of the fire. Careful inspections can determine how fire and smoke moved through the structure and residues directly impacted each surface. We would also use this opportunity to discover the type of residue, as there are different practices for restoring smoke, soot, and other coatings we might encounter after a fire. 

Before cleaning the residue away, we must consider the type of surface and the best approach to capture and remove soot and smoke particles from this material. Because of a bonding that occurs, which can also lead to staining with improper cleaning techniques, taking an extra bit of time to identify the best cleaning approach for the material type protects both the material itself and prevents particulates from getting stirred up into the air. 

Fire loss incidents can affect your home in many ways, but our SERVPRO of Western Union County team can help. Call us anytime you need us at (908) 791-9177.

Our Crews Are Ready 24/7 To Assist You With Your Scotch Plains Flood Damage

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

Shoe Prints on Wet Muddy Floor This client was surprised with how quickly and efficiently we were able to clean up the debris and water and get her basement back after flood damage.

Receding Waters Do Not Mean the End to Flood Damage in Scotch Plains

Heavy rains can bring flash flooding to Scotch Plains. Although the vast quantities of water flowing over pavement during and after a storm briefly make travel difficult, the water usually recedes without significant or lasting damage when the weather changes. If flash flooding makes its way into your home, however, a permanent solution is not merely waiting for it to subside. Indoors, if standing water seems to disappear, it is more likely the moisture migrated within your home. Residual moisture must be found and removed.

Professional Moisture Detection

Scotch Plains flood damage requires professional attention. When absorbed into structural components or trapped in building cavities, floodwaters continually promote the deterioration of building materials and can support harmful mold growth. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training prepare us to use moisture probes and thermal imaging technology to discover the migration patterns of flooding. We record the data as a baseline during structural drying, ensuring our flood water removal efforts are successful.

Floodwater Is a Hazard

Floodwaters seek the path of least resistance, flowing through cracks and joints to collect beneath flooring, behind walls, and in other recesses. Because even clean water is corrosive, any lingering moisture is a problem. SERVPRO technicians know floodwater can contain chemicals and other pollutants and pathogens from organic debris or human and animal waste.

Moisture Release Strategies

The increased challenges presented by contaminants found in floodwater prompt SERVPRO to facilitate a broad range of fast and effective moisture release strategies. The more quickly we remove the tainted water, the better the outcome. We might choose to cut out sections of drywall to reach into cavities. Holes drilled into baseboards or mortar joints ventilate and allow negative air pressure equipment to suction water out. Floor mats connected to extractors pull moisture from subfloors and joists.

Inhibiting Microbial Growth

Contaminants in floodwaters can include viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Before initiating structural drying, it is essential to treat the flood-affected areas with an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent. Structural drying requires air movement, and SERVPRO works to limit any spread of pathogens by completing the disinfectant step before positioning and operating moisture reduction equipment.

SERVPRO of Western Union County has well-qualified crews ready 24/7 to assist when flood damage attacks the integrity of your home. Contact us at (908) 791-9177 for a comprehensive assessment and design and implement a recovery plan.

New Providence Restoration Professionals Talk Water Damage Mitigation

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Living Room No matter if the water loss event is big or small, SERVPRO of Western Union County can mitigate the damage and restore your home!

New Providence Water Damage Basics: The Mitigation Phase

When your New Providence home suffers a water loss, you cope not only with the harm done but also with a steep learning curve as experts discuss recovery. Two terms that might seem interchangeable are mitigation and remediation. Instead, they represent separate phases of the restoration process, both essential to making it “Like it never even happened.” Mitigation tasks have the following purposes and implementation. 

Mitigation Limits Current Damage and Prevents Further Loss

Phase one of your New Providence water damage recovery agenda includes mitigation tasks. Our project manager uses a visual analysis of the affected area and data from temperature and moisture detection devices to define the current perimeter of the water incursion. We then use the skills learned at the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training to arrest the spread and migration of water beyond that line. 

Water Extraction Is Mitigation 

SERVPRO’s service vehicles hold a comprehensive inventory of water extraction equipment. Mitigation starts with a specific extraction course, starting with submersible pumps if standing water is two or more inches deep. Wanded portable or truck-mounted extractors use powerful suction to clean surfaces and fixtures like carpeting of residual water. We scan using infrared cameras for temperature fluctuations that signal the presence of trapped moisture behind, under, or above structures.  

Planned Demolition Can Aid Mitigation  

Mitigation can include controlled demolition to access the hidden water. Sections of drywall removed as “flood cuts” or punched or drilled “weep holes” release water from places it flowed and seeped. Choosing to take these steps might seem to worsen the damage. Instead, they permit SERVPRO crews to prevent the progressive deterioration of porous building materials and avoid secondary issues such as mold damage. We collect and dispose of as much of the hidden moisture as possible. 

Structural Drying Completes Mitigation 

Once the bulk of the water exits your home via pumps and extractors, structural drying commences. Thorough extraction does not eliminate the need for structural drying, but it significantly shortens the time necessary to reach normal moisture levels. SERVPRO Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians use the data gathered during the assessment phase and moisture metering of similar types of structural components in unaffected areas of the house to determine drying goals. Air movers and heaters create ambient conditions that evaporate the water absorbed by building materials. Then our dehumidifiers capture and collect the water for permanent disposal. 

SERVPRO of Western Union County has a trained workforce and cutting-edge equipment required to mitigate water damage. Confine the current damage and prevent further loss by calling us at (908) 791-9177.

Effective Mold Remediation of New Province Homes by SERVPRO

5/26/2022 (Permalink)

Moldy Ceiling Rafters Let our fast response team at SERVPRO of Western Union County eliminate your mold damage.

Mold Remediation of Contents of New Providence Homes

SERVPRO techs use a methodic approach to maximize the efficiency of mold remediation in New Providence homes. Mold can cause significant damage to the contents, including structural components of your property. Hence, the restorers must implement effective strategies to limit this damage. 

SERVPRO techs follow IICRC S520 guidelines during mold remediation of New Providence properties, ensuring a safe and efficient job. Effective restoration of contents involves meticulous planning and flawless execution by the restorers. Consequently, SERVPRO techs take extra care while performing the damage assessment of the contents. Some of the decisions that they take during this phase of the process include:

  • Categorizing the content items by their restorability
  • Determining cleaning requirements 
  • Providing options to the customer as to the relative cost of cleaning versus replacement
  • Identifying contents that require remediation by specialty cleaning professionals 

Content Cleaning Methods Used by SERVPRO Mold Specialists

SERVPRO techs select a cleaning method that is the best one for the given situation. Techs spend time understanding the material composition, condition, and location of the content before deciding on any cleaning method. In some cases, SERVPRO techs use a combination of mold remediation methods to increase efficiency. 

The three fundamental content cleaning methods that techs use during mold removal include:

  • Air-based methods: HEPA vacuuming and air washing are the two most popular air-based cleaning methods that SERVPRO techs use for semi-porous and non-porous surfaces. 
  • Liquid-based methods: Rely on the water combined with a physical or mechanical cleaning process to dislodge contamination. Ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning, and high-pressure washing fall under this category.
  • Abrasive methods: Use a medium or material to dislodge contamination. Sanding, sand, and soda blasting are examples of abrasive cleaning. 

Call SERVPRO of Western Union County at (908) 791-9177 for further information.

Fire Restoration in New Providence Homes Demands Expertise

4/22/2022 (Permalink)

B&A fire damage Full fire damage restoration and build back are there when you call SERVPRO to your New Providence home

Hire SERVPRO to Perform Fire Restoration in Your New Providence Home

The U.S. Fire Administration shows that fire causes losses worth billions of dollars every year. After the fire trucks have departed, who you get in contact with determines how fast and effectively you can repair your home.

 SERVPRO has a team of well-trained technicians who conduct fire restoration in affected New Providence homes. We can save you the headache of restoring your house to its normal condition as fast as possible. Our process is dependent on the state of the damaged structures and contents. It may include the procedures outlined below:

  • Inspection and assessment
  • Structural shoring
  • Water extraction and drying
  • Removal of smoke and mitigation of smoke damage

SERVPRO offers an immediate response, and when we get on the scene, we can inspect your house to determine its safety. We can then carry out a detailed assessment of the extent of the damage to help us formulate the most effective restoration plan. We can also document the damage for insurance claims purposes.

If the fire damage is severe, we can carry out some security measures like structural shoring to maintain your home’s structural integrity. Structural shoring involves temporarily supporting a property so that it does not collapse. This procedure offers vertical or horizontal bracing so that restorers can safely provide mitigation services.

If your home has pooling water resulting from fire suppression efforts, our SERVPRO restorers can use electric submersible pumps to extract it. We can position air movers and dehumidifiers to dry everything up.

Our SERVPRO team can also perform all the structural cleaning required to eliminate smoke residues. Our technicians can then use air scrubbers to ward off the smoky smell left behind. Air scrubbers eliminate airborne particles, gases, and odors from the air. They work by drawing dirty indoor air through several filters, capturing the odors, gases, and particles, and then exhausting clean air back into the environment.

SERVPRO of Western Union County can handle the fire damage in your home to make it “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (908) 791-9177.