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Berkeley Heights Can Take a Narrated Tour of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

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Join in on a Virtual Tour of the Museum’s Halls from the Comfort of Your Berkeley Heights Home

Many places are offering virtual tours during this time of quarantine and restrictions. The Smithsonian has joined in this fantastic effort with narrated tours of the National Museum of History. Explore several exhibits and halls while learning about the content, all from your home. They currently have available:

  • The Sant Ocean Hall
  • The Hall of Human Origins

There are several videos in each group to check out, and they are adding more. There are other online tours and exploring you can do as well. They include:

  • Permanent exhibits
  • Past exhibits
  • Specialty Tours
  • Current exhibits

 If your kids are doing school at home, it is a great way to incorporate history into their learning. It is all happening right now. Just head over to the NMNH Website and start exploring. You can also email them at for more information.

SERVPRO Provides Fire Damage Services to Berkeley Heights

When fire strikes, SERVPRO of Western Union County provides clean up and fire damage services. Contact us at (908) 791-9177 for more information.

Berkeley Heights Can Visit the Salt Box Museum and Take a Step Back in Time

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. The professional technicians of SERVPRO are IICRC certified for any job. Water damage mitigation should be left to the pros.

It’s a Great Way to Learn More About the Berkeley Heights & New Providence Past

Imagine putting two houses, built at different times and at different locations, together to become one residence. That is precisely what happened with the Salt Box Museum. Formerly known as the Garrison/Dickinson/Genung House, the museum is an absolute delight for history lovers.

When you enter the building, half of the house on your left was most likely built in the early 19th century. Augustus Garrison, the Presbyterian Church Sexton, had the house moved in the mid-1800s. The newer side, in the saltbox shape, was moved and joined with the other side. The entire house was moved in 1967 to 1350 Springfield Ave, New Providence. 

You can see all kinds of memorabilia and artifacts from the American Revolution. Some of the items pre-date the war. It is a fascinating look at an earlier time. The museum is currently accepting tours by appointment. Call (908) 665-1034 to schedule a time to take the tour. Free admission.

SERVPRO Provides Water Mitigation to Berkeley Heights

If you need water mitigation, SERVPRO of Western Union County is here with professional technicians to get the job done right. Contact us at (908) 791-9177 today.  

New Providence Commercial Water Removal is Easy When Companies Use SERVPRO

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Water damage restoration is no easy job. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for the experience help you need.

New Providence Businesses Depend on Us to Keep Their Business Going

Located on the Passaic River, New Providence is a beautiful borough in New Jersey. Almost 10% of the land in New Providence is protected parkland, publicly-owned, which the residents often enjoy. A borough is a form of government used in New Jersey by a good portion of municipalities. While a borough does have a mayor, he has limited power. Most of the executive and legislative functions get carried out by the council.

Purchased from the Lenape Indians

New Providence history began back in 1664. The Duke of York, brother to King Charles II, bought the land from the Lenape Indians. It was known as the Elizabethtown Tract. It wasn't until 1720 that the Puritans established a settlement. There were many wild turkeys in the area, so it became known as "Turkey Town." This was the first permanent settlement in the area.

A Church is Established & A Name Change

In 1737 the Presbyterian Church was started. In 1759 the church's balcony collapsed, but miraculously there were only minor injuries. The church believed this was God's hand of protection on them, and this resulted in the town's name being changed to New Providence.

George Washington Slept Here

The borough's local stream, Salt Brook, is so named because of an incident that took place when the colonial village dumped all their salt into the brook to prevent the British soldiers from claiming it. Local tradition has it that George Washington visited the area and spent the night in a home which can still be seen today. But the British soldiers never ended up crossing the Watchung Mountains into the area. 

Population Increases - Becoming a Borough

Springfield Township was formed in April of 1794 and included not only the present-day township but:

  • Summit
  • New Providence
  • Berkeley Heights

Due to substantial growth in the region, the New Providence Township was formed on November 8, 1809. New Providence withdrew from the New Providence Township on March 14, 1899. It was at that time they reincorporated as a borough. Many townships in New Jersey were choosing to become boroughs at this time for economic reasons and to govern themselves. 

Nokia Bell Labs

Located in the New Providence neighborhood of Murray Hill, Nokia Bell Labs is an industrial, scientific development and research company. It is owned by Nokia, which is Finnish but is an American company. It was previously:

  • Bell Telephone Laboratories (1925-1984)
  • AT&T Bell Laboratories (1984-1996)
  • Bell Labs Innovations (1996-2007)

The lab got its beginnings in the late 19th century in New York City as part of the Western Electric Engineering Department. It was reformed into the Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1925. Bell Lab researchers are credited with developing:

  • Radio astronomy
  • The transistor
  • The photovoltaic cell
  • The charge-coupled device (CCD)
  • The information theory
  • Unix operating system
  • Programming languages B, C, C++, and S

Bell Laboratories have been awarded nine Nobel Prizes for their work.

It All Started with Alexander Graham Bell

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1880, he was awarded the Volta Prize by France. This equaled roughly $10,000 then and about $270,000 in 2019. Graham would invest the money into the Volta Laboratory's development, today known as the Alexander Graham Bell Laboratory, in Washington, D.C. His cousin, Chichester Bell, and Sumner Tainter would collaborate with him on the project. It has also been known as:

  • Volta Bureau
  • Bell Carriage House
  • Bell Laboratory

Bell invented the telephone while looking for a way to communicate with the deaf. The focus of the lab was the analysis of sound, recording it, and transmitting sounds. The research was quite lucrative, and he used the money to further fund research and education into the deaf. 

The Telephone is Patented & A Company is Formed

The first patents for the telephone were filed in 1876 by Bell, Thomas Sanders, and Gardiner Hubbard, as the Bell Patent Association. A year later, the Bell Telephone Company was born. In 1889 the company became part of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T). The Bell Laboratories headquarters was moved from New York City to Murray Hill. 

Scientific Leaps

Crucial research is still taking place at the Bell Lab in Murray Hill. It is a fundamental and essential part of New Providence. The scientific strides made since the time of Alexander Graham Bell have been phenomenal. The residents of the borough, and the world, look forward to the discoveries and inventions that will come from this committed business. 

Salt Box Museum

Another landmark is the Salt Box Museum. It has a fascinating history, and visitors today can see memorabilia and artifacts from before the American Revolution era. The museum is located in what was actually two different houses. They were built at different times, and one half was later moved to the present location. At one point, the entire combined house was moved to the current location on Springfield Avenue.

SERVPRO Provides Commercial Water Removal Services to New Providence Businesses

When your business experiences flooding from an in-house source such as a faulty HVAC system or burst pipe, it can mean downtime. The flowing water can seep into the flooring, wall spaces, behind fixtures, and flow to the levels below. Left unattended, water is caustic and can damage whatever it comes in contact with. Secondary damage, such as mold, is also a concern. SERVPRO can provide:

  • Emergency mitigation
  • Water Extraction using powerful, commercial pumps
  • Drying with industrial dehumidifiers and air movers
  • Repair and restoring the facility 
  • Content cleaning – providing pack-out if needed.

Our goal is to help you get your doors open as quickly as possible. We can work around your schedule and after hours if you can stay open. SERVPRO of Western Union County has the experience, expertise, and equipment to professionally mitigate the water damage done to your business. Contact us today at (908) 791-9177. We can handle commercial water removal of any size. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

New Providence Health and Fitness Classes Delivered Virtually

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

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Zoom Sessions to Raise Your Fitness Adeptness from Your New Providence Home

Finding the right exercise routine to attain your fitness goals can be a challenge. Sometimes a routine that you have established can become dull because of repetitiveness.  Instead of giving up on the desire to keep fit, you can try various approaches, especially those that incorporate fun aspects. You can join other New Providence residents on December 14, 2020, to learn various exercise and fitness routines, including:

  • Cardio sculpt express, which teaches how to use various weights and own body resistance during training
  • Various types of Zumba, which is a dance fitness routine
  • Basic yoga or specialized forms such as Hatha Yoga

The classes are perfect for people of all fitness levels. They are also scheduled to offer maximum convenience. For instance, there is a Yoga session scheduled around the lunchtime period. The body sculpt session is 45 minutes long to ensure it is impactful but not tiresome. 

SERVPRO of Western Union County helps clean up and deodorize New Providence properties for fire odor elimination purposes. Call us at (908) 791-9177 so that we can help ensure your home regains its normal comfort levels.

Fintech Webinar for Berkeley Heights Businesses

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck parked outside of business Our crew at SERVPRO can inspect your business for mold damages and if we find any, we can remediate and restore your property from the mold damage!

Virtual Event for Berkeley Heights Businesses Owners to Learn About Imminent Fintech Changes

The changes in the Fintech sector are very rapid. At times, it is almost hard to tell what the latest changes are. For Berkeley Heights business owners, lagging is not an option since payment solutions can give competitors an edge. The current pandemic proved the vital role Fintech has to play in the future of businesses.  This December, you can catch up on the latest changes and expected future trends. A webinar series organized by the Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley can put you up to speed. 

Some of the things you should expect from the virtual event include:

  • Exclusive access to experts from UC Berkeley and various companies
  • A detailed summary of what to expect from Tech Giants in the future
  • Insights and findings from top world Fintech conference

You can access the free on December 16, 2020, starting from 8 PM to 9 PM.

SERVPRO of Western Union County helps business owners in Berkeley Heights when they need mold inspection services to ensure the best conditions environment for customers. Call us at (908) 791-9177.

Timely Response When Flood Damage Incidents Affect New Providence Properties

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

New Providence logo New Providence residents depend on the skilled experts at SERVPRO for restoration on their properties. Call right away, we are always available.

SERVPRO is Readily Accessible to New Providence Residents Affected by Flooding Incidents 

An incident that happened in 1759 gave New Providence its current name. Initially, the area was known as Turkey because of the large flocks of wild Turkeys that used to roam the area. At the time, the Presbyterian Church was the nerve center of the settlement. One day a crowded balcony at the church collapsed, but miraculously nobody was injured. The residents considered the outcome a divine act of providence, which gave the future town its current name. 

Currently, New Providence has a sparsely suburban feel with a population of over 12000. It is highly rated as friendly for families, with excellent public schools, a reasonable commute, plenty of outdoor activity areas, and the cost of living is not so high. There are several notable family restaurants and eateries in the area, including Italian restaurants such as Bellariva Pizzeria, Spanish Tavern of Mountainside, and Moe's Bistro for Mediterranean cuisine, among many other establishments. There are also farmers markets such as the Central Farmers Market located on Central Avenue, which ensure that residents have access to a wide range of fresh produce, sourced locally, nationally, and even imported, at very affordable prices.

Fun and Competition at the Swim Clubs

Swimming is another exciting way to spend time in New Providence since there are several swim clubs in the area. The history of swim clubs in the area is fascinating, especially considering the set up of the first community pool on Springfield Avenue in the early 1960s was fraught with challenges like lack of funds and opposition from some of the residents, even though it was a unique idea at the time. The New Providence Community Pool was the second one in the entire state. However, the project also had many supporters, including the mayor of the town, Frank LeBart. The budget for the construction was financed by individuals who co-signed for the loan or held bonds. By the time it was finished, over 900 families had signed up for yearly membership, which cost $35, making it an immediate success. 

Today there are several clubs in the area which cater to recreational and professional interests. The most renowned clubs include:

  • Crestview Swim Club
  • Clearwater Swim Club
  • Berkeley Aquatic Club

Crestview and Clearwater clubs have a longstanding competitive feud that stretches back over 30 years. At the beginning of summer, the two clubs present their best swimmers aged 6 to 18 to compete in timed swim races. The winning club gets the bragging rights for the rest of the season. Apart from beating the other club members, participants also try to beat individual or club records. Crestview at one time had a 12-year streak of back-to-back wins. The events also offer a chance for parents to spend time at the pool cheering the participants, providing refreshments, or even raising money that the clubs need for various purchases, thus keeping them relevant as times change.

Flooding and Other Disruptions from Hurricanes

Despite the fun and laid back feel of the area, some natural disasters such as hurricanes tend to affect the area disrupting activities and causing damages through flooding and other problems. Some of the notable incidents of that nature include hurricane Irene and Sandy.

  • Hurricane Irene hit the area on August 28, 2011 and was the first time a hurricane had made landfall in the state of New Jersey since 1903. It led to widespread flooding since it involved heavy precipitation, with at least 18 hours of continuous rainfall recorded. The incident left widespread damages to various properties. The New Providence library reportedly spent $23,000 even though the total flooding at the facility was less than 4 inches.
  • Hurricane Sandy affected the area on October 26, 2012. Its high-speed winds of up to 75MPH toppled many trees in the area leading to power outages in many properties and road closures, which cut people off. Apart from the physical damages caused by the hurricane, it also affected social aspects of life, including rescheduling Halloween celebrations and cancellation of a meeting set by the chamber of commerce.

Apart from storms and other adverse weather, the rivers in the area also cause flooding at times. The Passaic River, which runs along the border of New Providence, floods periodically due to heavy precipitation, debris accumulation, and issues related to property development. One of the reasons cited as the stumbling block to managing flooding from the river is the distributed ownership of the land through which it passes. Municipalities own some areas, others belong to the county, and individual landowners hold other sections. Therefore, developing comprehensive flood management plans is a challenge.

How Does SERVPRO Help With Flood Damage Management In New Providence?

When a flooding incident happens in New Providence, many factors can affect the response plan. For instance, flooding caused by storms also includes other factors such as road closure and power outage, which delay mitigation actions, thus worsening the damages. SERVPRO restoration teams prepare to respond even under challenging circumstances, helping homeowners avoid the issues that develop due to a delayed response. 

Our customer care staff is reachable 24 hours a day. We help during the crucial early minutes of the incident when most distressed homeowners are confused and might not know which steps might be beneficial. Some of the steps that might help include:

  • Turning off utilities such as power and gas at the mains
  • Relocating movable items from lower sections of the property to minimize exposure to floodwaters
  • Preparing for possible evacuation emergency supplies

Getting help when there is a significant flooding event can be a challenge since most people are occupied or cut off. SERVPRO crews step in at such times to fill the void. Our production trucks are pre-packed with the necessary resources, including protective clothing, to venture into flooded properties and useful utilities such as portable generators to serve as alternative power sources. Therefore, we set out immediately when requested to offer assistance.

SERVPRO of Western Union County is well equipped to handle flood damage challenges in New Providence, restoring homes to their preloss state.  Call us at (908) 791-9177 if your property is affected.

Ahoy! Community Movies in New Providence

11/16/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck parked in front of home Enjoy a night out while SERVPRO takes care of your property's water damage. We are available to assist you around the clock.

Join New Providence Businesses for “Movies on The Harbour”

On November 18th, New Providence begins showing community movies again. Sponsored by Pupstar Entertainment & Events, Green Parrot, East Bay & Bristol Wines, this is an incredible outdoor experience for the whole family. It is also a good option for Date Night.  

Ticket Prices, Show Times, and Dinner Options

  • $10 per person which includes a chair, or you can bring a blanket to rest on the grass
  • Start time is 8:00 pm; movie-goers can arrive at 7:30 pm to claim their seats and begin setting up
  • Appetizers and pizzas are perennial favorites from the Special Movie Menu, but the Green Parrot Bar & Grill also has its regular menu items available for purchase
  • For the grown-ups, there is also a variety of 19 different wines available 
  • All movies shown finish at 10:00 pm so parents can get kids home at a reasonable time

SERVPRO of Western Union County is proud to be part of the New Providence community. If you need help in your home with water damage repair, call us today at (908) 791-9177. 

New Providence Business Owners can Learn How Rutgers University is Helping Develop Ways of Handling Nuclear Waste

11/12/2020 (Permalink)

Fall leaves with a university sign. SERVPRO of Western Union County supports our young minds and university.

Glass is an Inert Substance Found in Every New Providence Business and Residence

Reserve a spot for Friday, November 20, at 1 PM EST with Dr. Ashutosh Goel, Associate Professor at Rutgers Materials Science & Engineering Department, to learn more about his latest research. You need Cisco Webex Meetings downloaded to take part in this free seminar. Call (848) 445-4512 for your login credentials. 

Here are some of the questions you might find answered at Dr. Goel’s session on Turning Nuclear Waste into Glass:

  • Could drinking glasses in the future be made from some of the most dangerous compounds in the world?
  • Would such glass be clear enough for use as windows?
  • Would it be strong and flexible, perfect for use in the automotive and medical industries?

Your business does not need to handle hazardous waste for an on-site fire to create dangerous hazards. Call SERVPRO of Western Union County at (908) 460-5373 for cleanup, rebuilding, and restoration services.

Is Flood Damage A Common Threat to Homes?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

flood cuts walls, equipment Rely on SERVPRO for fast and efficient flood damage cleanup and restoration for New Providence Homes--from groundwater extraction to build back.

There are several types of flooding possible for New Providence homes, and each requires unique restoration techniques to resolve.

With the location of New Providence, homeowners must contend with severe weather conditions that could potentially develop in any season of the year. As a leading storm damage restoration team in the region, our SERVPRO professionals stay prepared for situations that threaten your home and our neighborhoods. We keep stocked READY trailers at our facility loaded with extractors, drying tools, and EPA-approved cleaning products.

Our response to flood damage in New Providence homes and businesses can reduce the severity of loss situations for property owners when possible. As with most loss scenarios, storm and flood damage both have a finite timeline before their exposures to sensitive interior materials can have irreparable effects.

We must remain prepared for any of these loss situations with the right tools, personnel, and experience. Because we also have technicians on our roster with building experience, we can also provide immediate construction solutions to prevent the situation from worsening. We can also partner with other companies for a seamless solution to your flood loss. Each circumstance is unique after flooding, however, and much of it depends on the type of disaster. Our area is often threatened by four kinds of possible flooding scenarios, including:

How Can Severe Weather Cause Attic Flooding?

Because the area is known, in part, for severe weather systems that can pass through, homeowners understand how their roof could be vulnerable to damages. Hail, strong winds, and torrential rainfall can all have an immediate impact on shingled roofs. Harsh winter conditions like ice dams on the roof can also create access points for water damage.

  • Extraction –  Not all of the attic flooding scenarios require extensive extraction due to water migration concerns. However, tools like wet vacuums and light wands can have an impact on pooling to reduce saturation. 
  • Structural Assessment – Our technicians also pay attention to the roof's vulnerable points. Not only does temporary tarping need to begin, but a plan must get formulated for repairing this vital exterior system. 
  • Drying – Drying up the attic space can often happen in several ways, though the foundation of this effort relies on both air movers and dehumidifiers. Containment efforts can regulate temperature and airflow for more efficient evaporation. 

What Are the Main Concerns with Flash Flooding?

Flash flooding can damage a home quickly and thoroughly, leaving homeowners struggling with the steps necessary to address all the pressing concerns. Because these conditions can change rapidly, our SERVPRO team must prepare for situations where multiple homes encounter the same devastating natural disaster. Each of our skilled technicians available to help appreciates the primary concerns with flash flooding scenarios, including:

  • Debris – Debris and solids present an immediate risk to the house because it limits the available pumps and extractors that can get used to remove standing water in the damaged areas. Often, the choice involves self-priming trash pumps, truck-mount pumps, and wet vacuums. 
  • Contaminants – Water can encounter multiple substances, chemicals, and pollutants before reaching your home. It is not uncommon for the water to interact with hazardous substances such as sewage, oil, and other bacterial or viral pathogens in flooding situations. Exposure of contents and structural elements often requires removal and discarding. 
  • Organic Matter – From foliage and branches to animal carcasses or live creatures carried in with the flooding, organic matter removal must happen quickly before these elements begin to decay and deteriorate in the house. 
  • Odors – Decay, mud, sewage, and other substances brought into the house do more than damage surfaces and contents. Harsh smells can overwhelm a property after a flood, so our SERVPRO team must reduce the severity with counteractant products until the appropriate phase for full-scale deodorization arrives. 

Does Natural Flooding Always Require Reconstruction?

There are a few instances of flooding that do not require some degree of repair and reconstruction. Because floodwater can penetrate exterior wall systems and take paths where structural vulnerabilities exist to reach inside your house, these access points must get resolved. Because we can call upon partnered contractors to respond along with our accredited technicians, we can offer both immediate construction solutions with tarping and board-up services, but also provide permanent build back once mitigation efforts complete.

Different types of flooding can create unique problems and obstacles for restoration in your home. With how devastating these loss events can become, it is essential to secure knowledgeable professionals to oversee your damaged residence's cleaning and recovery. Our SERVPRO of Western Union County team is standing by 24/7 at (908) 791-9177.

What does Content Management Mean within a Fire Restoration Project in New Providence?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Call us at (908) 791-9177 when disaster strikes and allow us the opportunity to work with you until your home feels “Like it never even happened.”

Homes in New Providence with Fire Damage Benefit from Content Management as Part of the Restoration Services

Homes in New Providence run the risk of a fire as soon as the weather turns, and homeowners start using space heaters, fireplaces, and central heating. When flames burn in your home, they may stick to a well-defined area, but their residue travels quickly through your ventilation system and the air to settle on your furniture, inside cabinets, and on your décor. Calling a fire restoration company is the most efficient way of facing your post-fire needs.

Fire and smoke restoration in New Providence is within our expertise at SERVPRO. Our skillful team routinely visits homes facing varying degrees of damage and takes action to return them to mint condition. When we’re at your home, we look at the damage before us and use our detection tools to discover any additional problem areas. With information at hand, we develop a plan focusing on your needs and the most efficient way to meet them.

Should homeowners discard all items close to the fire remnants?
Content management guides how our SERVPRO team preserves your items as much as possible. Some of your personal items will have to be discarded, and we take care of their disposal.  However, our team prepares to move some of your things to a staging area to clean and restore them while still working on your home's structural needs. Some of the benefits associated with moving items to an alternative location include:

    •    Preventing further damage to your personal property
    •    Improving access to crevices and hard-to-reach corners of your home in need of restoration
    •    Odor control

SERVPRO of Western Union County is your first and most crucial step in a successful restoration process. Call us at (908) 791-9177 when disaster strikes and allow us the opportunity to work with you until your home feels “Like it never even happened.”